E commerce & Online Shopping Websites
                                                                Developing eCommerce websites
·    Crystal-tech E-commerce design Makes the buying experience easy and convenient, while at the same time, most secure
·    Allow customization with product configurations and calculators giving options for the buyer
·    Run discounts and promotions, by-the-hour or by-the-day with easy to manage CMS
·    Build a mailing list of shoppers, visitors and prospects who left your site without buying

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It isn’t just shopping/buying online. It is the entire buying experience that can speak volumes about your website and your brand. Here are some features why you should consider Crystal-Tech for your eCommerce (Online Store) website design and development …

Up-to-date formation Out-of-stock does not mean the customer has to move out and look for another shop online. We recommend alternative options to connect and entice your customers. Keep your catalog up-to-date and in-stock with easy shopping cart management systems integrated with web-based or mobile-based re-order systems..

More Options- Customers don’t ask for more. They expect it. We can suggest ways in which you can provide multiple options for users to compare, review, shop, buy, pay and even share. The more you give, the more you get scenario.

Feel Safe and Good- Crystal-Techs understand the importance of safe and easy online shopping that provide a seamless buying experience to the customers online. We integrate and optimize shopping carts for optimal safety, clarity in payment process and build confidence by ensuring responsiveness with prompt notifications and call-to-actions. Have an eCommerce website design project? Discuss with Crystal-Tech, Now/today.

We Built-in Intelligence- How about connecting with those buyers who came by your website and added items to their cart, but did not complete the purchase? We can build intelligence into the online shopping process and back-end database to track and store buyer information for further actions or product research in your online store/shop.

Internet & Social Connect-  its great when your cash register starts ringing with online sales. Have your customers talk about you and their happy shopping experience online. Connect with more people, friends,family and many others of these people to your shop/store
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